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Malaria Advice

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   Malaria Map
   Visiting the region of KwaZulu Natal province known as Zululand
   What about Tekweni Ecotours?
   What precautions should be taken against malaria?
   What precautions should you take when visiting Zululand?
Well the best precaution is common sense. Despite what has been said in the above paragraph, there is really no way of knowing for sure whether you will be sleeping in a malaria free area or not. Getting malaria is really not a very pleasant experience at all, and from what I have seen it never really seems to go away for good once you have been treated. The best advice is to make sure you donít get bitten. As stupid as this may sound, it is technically quite attainable.
   What they donít tell you.
Wearing insect repellent, no matter how unpleasant it may be, is a good idea all round. Any game viewing experience in Southern Africa is likely to bring you into close contact with another of Africaís little pests..... ticks.
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