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Zulu Village Overnight

Zulu Village Overnight

This tour is a combination of the Zulu village daytrip known as Face to Face but also allows you the opportunity of staying the night and getting involved in real Zulu culture.  

As mentioned previously the people are highly sociable and staying on proves to be an experience not to be missed. The day starts off by your introduction to the people and your local community guide who will be with you as the evening unfolds. The village comes alive at night with the spirit of music and dance as the men of the village interact with each other throughout the night. Your hosts are always recognized community members and are equally interested in western culture or where you come from and what traditions you follow.  To ensure easy communication a member of the family will usually have a good command of the English language. The accommodation by your hosts is set in a typical “Nguni” style hut in the village. You can ensure that you will be well fed with delicious Zulu cuisine. Please note the families seldom eat red meat, which is considered a luxury and most meals consist of chicken and vegetarian dishes. If you are vegetarian please ensure the guide is aware of your dietary requirements.

While this is not for any average person this portion of the tour will broaden horizons and bring reality into perspective. A definite two-way cultural experience.

In the morning you will be collected at around 09h00am by the Tekweni vehicle.



TOUR COST IS R 1200-00

· A traditional Zulu meal for lunch, dinner and Breakfast
· The services of a community guide for day and night
· The services of a Tekweni guide who will collect you in the morning
· Accommodation
· Bedding with your accommodation
· Cool Drinks/Juices with meals
· One round of Beers at the Shebeen in the evening


· A good pair of walking shoes
· A sweater for the evening
· Mosquito repellant
· A camera and lots of film
· Hat and sun block cream


· Cameras are acceptable but the guide may request certain scenes not be photographed. Please respect this.
· During the tour you are exposed to traditional Zulu culture and we recommend you ask as many questions as you wish, as this is a two way cultural experience
· A portion of your tour payment is donated to a community development trust. We therefore request that guests refrain from handing out clothes and money, as this is detrimental to their culture but to rather support the local beadwork.
· Times given are merely guidelines and and can alter depending on the general consensus of a group.
· Travel insurance is not included and full coverage is recommended
· Tour prices are subject to change at any time but usually annual increases are applied 


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